Build Week 2 Update:
(January 23th, 2016)
  • Working on prototype robot          
  • Attaching Pulley systems/Spacers  to wheels
  • Making the gate lift

XQ Robotix - Team 1450

Glenn Rules

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We are Team 1450 from Franklin Educational Campus in Rochester, New York! Our Team is competing in the 2016 FIRST Robotics Rochester Regional competition.

Our Team has been competing since 2004 and won the Finger Lakes Regional Competition in 2007!

Check out our 2016 Team on the About page.



JAN 23, 2016

MAR 23, 2015

We had a great time competing in the Tech Valley Regional FIRST competition hosted at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute! There was some serious competition with the other teams, but the atmosphere was permeated with the gracious professionalism that FIRST Robotics is all about. All the teams did an awesome job, and the finalists put on an impressive show. Congrats to all the teams proceeding on to the Finals!

Our Drives Team members with the Robot and Drive Controls.


Discussing strategy before a match.

We learned a lot about our robot and how we can enhance our strategies for the competition coming up this weekend. Next up, we'll be at the Finger Lakes Regional FIRST competitions hosted at RIT. Come out and see us in action on Friday 3/27 and Saturday 3/28!

MAR 9, 2015

We took some photos before wrapping up the competition robot. Check out our 2015 Robot!


NYTV FIRST Regionals (Thursday, March 18th - Saturday, March 21st) - Team 1450 will be travelling to Troy, NY, on March 18th to compete in the New York Tech Valley Regional FIRST Competition! We will be competing along with 35 other regional teams and are excited to see our robot in action. The competition heats will be held Thursday through Saturday, with final standings announced Saturday night.

Finger Lakes Regional FIRST Competition (Thursday, March 26 – Saturday, March 28) - Team 1450 will compete in the Finger Lakes Regional FIRST Competiton. During this event we hope to allpy lessons learned from the NYTV Regionals to show the region what we're made of! Heats will be held Thursday, March 26 through Saturday, March 28 and we would love for you to come check it out. We will post more details about timing and location for our heats during this competition as it is announced.

JAN 31, 2015

Control Team: The control team is working on the gears and bracets. The software programing for the robot is done.

Builder Team: The builder team is building the prototype robot and they have changed the way the robot will lift the bins.